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Try running adonise in compatibility mode: right click the shortcut, then choose properties. Compatibility tab, then choose XP/or earlier from the drop down.

This comes from personal experience where either adonis or the game itself would crash or work improperly; however, do make sure that you can run the game itself. ALT-TABBING crashes the game for me, so avoid doing so. If you're saving replays and the game exits or crashes, turn on replay autosaving by the adonis config by changing the lines:


enabled = 1

SaveFolder = ReplayAutoSave

MakeSubFolder = 0

Make sure you have your controls set to FULL in the game's settings menu, or you both will be unable to do anything in-game.

W7 x64, latest English version on PoFV.

Best of luck and fun.

- Spikey00. Email: keer_mei(at)


Steam: Spikey00


PS: If you're looking for another person to play PoFV with, feel free to contact me though email/Steam or forums; I live in Canada.

EDIT: New line issues.


Thx for your answers, but i found out that i had to delete the th09.cfg (doesnt make sense but worked). I also had to set compatibility to Windows NT, XP didnt work. --

I'm glad your issue was resolved nonetheless.

Have fun.

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