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Maybe people from outside world don't belive they can fly on their own, thus making it possible in Gensokyo.

Well Reimu states that the power she has is Divine Power. Before Reimu could fly, she used Genji which is her familiar in order to fly. Starting on EOSD, she flew by herself only. It's possible she learned it from Genji. Now as for Marisa, she's a magician. She uses her broom to fly but it's not known if she can fly without it or not. The possible thing is her broom is a magical tool for flying or it is just for show, making her seem like a witch. As for Sakuya, she lives in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Learning it could be from magic or training from the other youkai. Sanae uses the power of her two Gods and is a descendant of one of them so it can be either that. Now for Rikako, who is a scientist, uses a rocket to fly on Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream. As for Youkai, well...they're supernatural creatures so that's self-explanatory. Hope this explains all your answers:) MaronaPossessed 22:29, February 28, 2010 (UTC)

Asker's reply: Thank you very much :D

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