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What are you,crazy?!?! you cant do that. Danmaku and Wii's dont mix. oh and it's impossible.

Also, someone's making a homebrew Touhou game for the wii. It's still in its early stages, so don't expect much.

There's also a PC-98 emulator under development for the Wii, here. You may be able to play the older games with it. Ports of the Windows games are never going to happen, though.

There are some good commercial games for the Wii that may interest you as well, even if they lack that special Touhou goodness:

Castle of Shikigami III offers tons of danmaku, grazing mechanics, atrocious voice acting, and level design that will seem uncannily familiar to Touhou fans.

Ikaruga, for gamecube: You should really know about this one by now.

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