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well, ZUN maybe object against that... He also said no in his terms of use. Don`t try it, he is nice with his stuff, it is better to respect his wishes...

Differing opinion: He said so because he felt that people were supposed to earn it. I agree. However, there isn't (and seeing the fact that they're only available in .hdi's, there probably never will be) any in-game translation for the PC-98 games.

So say a player completes the game. He managed to read the dialogue by using the translations provided in the wiki. He beat the game fair and square, despite the horrid hitbox detection in SoEW and the holy shit factor of Yuuka's Master Spark in Lotus Land Story.

But... oops. He can't read the endings, and there's no translation for them. And unlike with the Windows games, he can be 99% certain that a translation patch will never come along.

In this case (and, again, only in the case of these PC-98 games that we can be sure we'll never see translation-patched), I think we can compromise. Post the ending, but cover it with warnings and spoiler tags that require you to highlight the text to read it.

Never say never, etc... There has been work going on to translating the PC-98 games, it is possible and is a project that's being worked on albeit slowly. In time, they'll be done.

From MaronaPossessed: Thank you Different Opion guy. I feel that way too. If I do get the dialogue, I'll post with spoiler tags and a huge warning as well as the purpose. If they block me for it though then it's just's either translate it, do a patch, or don't.

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