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The 4th would be Yuugi. She's an oni who's power, and drunkness, is at a match with Suika. Yuugi was also known as one of the 4 devas of Youkai mountain. So probably, Yuugi is the 4th one, if you're talking about the strongest and have been in Gensokyo for a long time. Flandre is a possibility but she is still a new face in Gensokyo,like Remilia and the others, and it depends on how you look at it. Her power is strong but I hardly see her use it much and I'm not sure if she can get the "eye" if her opponites move around alot. Yuyuko is not really the strongest but because she can manipulate death, she could also be a possibility. --Keoke-kun 18:15, 20 June 2009 (UTC) Keoke


Serious answer now, there are a few contenders for the position but I think the one you're thinking of at the moment is Aya. The full extent of her power has never been revealed because she is the fastest person in Gensokyo (no one has been able to catch her for long enough to ask) and is always said to be more interested in taking pictures of pretty girls than fighting. There's also Tenshi who soundly crushes everyone in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody but that's hotly contested. Bear in mind that the usefulness of a youkai's individual power has no bearing on how strong they are (see Yuka for example). --Rabbit

I'd say the four strongest are Suika, Yukari, Yuyuko, and Flandre. If you don't want to include Yuyuko because she's a ghost, then I'd say that Yuugi is probably the best candidate for the fourth.

Yuka is one of the most powerful in Gensokyo, but I think folks tend to rank her a little too highly. --Luceid

Thanks a lot for the answers. But other people can feel free to answer this too if you think otherwise. -- (Lucky Charat)

Kazami Yuka's Perfect Memento profile calls her "far more dangerous than any of the youkai introduced so far." That's why she's considered to be so powerful. And Aya stated unequivocally that Suika is the strongest youkai, although taking into account Yukari's powers this may not be the case.

As for Tenshi, she's not actually a youkai, and she's useless without that sword.

That said, I think it may be a good idea to start seriously considering Okuu as one of the top. Nuclear power is pretty broken, and she is actually a youkai. - Triste

I'd think Yuka manipulation of power were preety powerfull, imagine suden burst of Flower in your brain for example, or A sunflower just *pop* in somebody retina (that were preaty scary) While Yukari border manipulation were undoubtly very powerfull, like she can toss somebody to the sun via border for example.

Suika sure were very powerfull, althrough she was an Oni rather than Youkai (as she proclaimed herself as oni I think in raw Power Flandre is very conficing to become one of the strongest youkai - I think equal to Suika. but again She was a vampire, Yuyuko is powerfull too but she was a ghost, Aya is powerfull but she is a Tengu.

so I think appropriate answer were : Alice who can became realy powerfull if she open her grimoire =D and other Powerfull youkai that to consider was Rumia =D. but if she untie her ribbon ./LOL -Humus

The four strongest is Yuka, Yukari, Suika and Flandre. They haven't updated the power hierachy since Phantasmagoria, so recent youkai are not counted. If we were to count them, it'd probaly be something like top 6.

In regards to Perfect Memento, the youkai listed before Yuka were mostly stage 1 - 3 bosses: Rumia, Letty, Wriggle, Mystia, Hong Meiling, and Medicine Melancholy. Of course Yuka is "far more dangerous." Udonge is more dangerous than that lot. --Luceid

Because Youkai includes Oni as a subset, the strongest 4 would have to be Cir- I mean Yuugi, Yukari, Suika, Flandre. Flandre over Yuka because Flandre's specialty of "massive destruction" is possibly more deadly than Yuka's "power over flowers" ? The most powerful 4 non-Youkai would of course be the goddesses Suwako, who Zun calls 土着神の頂点 (The Highest of Native Gods)and Kanoko 山坂と湖の権化 (Avatar of Mountains and Lakes), the ex-Patriate from Paradise Tenshi 天人くずれ (Morally Bankrupt Celestial), and the Divine Judge Sikieiki Yamaxanadu whose Zun-given caption is 楽園の最高裁判長 (Highest Judge of the Court of Paradise). In Zun's Shinto/Buddhist hierarchies, all four of these beings have achieved perfect nirvana and have transcended mortal limitations such as time or power. It would be absurd for any of them to "lose" to anyone, except someone else who has achieved nirvana. They simply "give in" or "stop fighting". Despite Suwako's playfully and jokingly saying she lost in MoF. It would be equivalent of say, a High Elf or a Dragon (Youkai) beating the Archangels Michelangelo or Uriel (Tenshi) or God himself (Suwako, Kanoko, Sikieki) -- TheTrueBlue (also my Youtube account username)

Well, there's only one Dragon in Gensokyo, and losing to him is almost certain considering he is Gensokyo's god of creation and outranks every other god within it -- Bastille

Yes, but according to Perfect Memento and the SWR wiki, the last time the Dragon appearered was way back when the Hakurei Border was first set up and he's not an ingame character. But it is true that Zun has written of the Dragon as the 最高神 Supreme Deity. - TheTrueBlue

Maybe Top 4 is quite limited to think about though, Top 10 would be a bit easier. Obviously Yukari's the strongest considering that she never even uses half of her true power in any battle, and even that she's the only character to be a Phantasm Stage Boss. Next would be probably Suika, she gets tougher the more drunk she is, and is commented by Aya to be stronger than Yukari. But as we do not know the full extent of both of them, we'll have to guess. Either Yuka or Flandre would place third and fourth in my opinion, as both have pretty destructive cards. The rest of them (not in order for the last 5) could be Utsuho (Little Girl6 ,It's a parody version of the atomic bomb "Little Boy" in WW2), Yugi (She no use full power to you, she fight by balance her sake on plate, sake NOT EVEN DROP), Aya (Tengu, I personally think Tengu's a sub-Youkai), Ran (Powerful enough to give powers to Chen), Patchouli (if she's healthy, she's deadly), and Yuyuko (if she wants someone dead, that person will be, except she does not use it). -- Thomas

Let's disregard "abilities" here, guys. Yukari, Suika, and Yuka are long-lived, clever, and physically(or...uh...danmakually) powerful youkai. That's what makes them the "strongest". As for the fourth one...well...I think the jury's still out on that. -- Song_ofthe_apple

I got a weird idea. Since three of them have "ka" in their names, the fourth one is either Kanako Yasaka, Kaguya Houraisan, or Cirno the ⑨Baka :P -- (Lucky Charat)

I personally think you should reconsider. Why would yuugi be so strong? She's quite weak, compared with higher people. Take Koishi, who can do anything without you knowing it. and more. My top ten of strong youkai would be this: yukari flandre suika koishi sikieiki remilia suwako yuyuko kanako reisen

Yuugi is one of the 4 legendary oni still making rounds in Gensoukyo, Suika and Tenshi are the only two to have ever "beaten" Reimu, so the oni are considerably powerful in touhou lore, even if Yuugi's ingame spellcards are modest, she herself is very powerful. -- TheTrueBlue

1. Yukari 2. Flandre 3. Suika 4. Yuugi ... Yuka is considered amongst the most DANGEROUS youkai, not the most POWERFULL

Flandre isn't exactly what I would call powerful either. Highly unstable and dangerous, yes, but powerful? Nah. -- Bastille.

Both Yukari and Flandre are very powerful youkai. Yukari has the ability to manipulate boundaries(you can imagine just what she can do) and Flandre has the ability of destruction of anything and everything. Physically, Flandre should be the strongest (it is said that a vampire can lift a thousand-year-old-tree off it's roots single-handedly (Perfect Memento). You can imagine just how strong Flandre is, as opposed to Remilia). Considering in terms of strength, Flandre is definitely in the top four.Fujiwara no Mokou 22:56, 20 August 2009 (UTC)

Personally Yuka and Flandre are on the list due to their high amount of raw magic power in addition to their abilities. Though with Yuugi's introduction we might have to make it top 5, since her might is similar to Suika's and her ability is potentially powerful (manipulation of supernatural phenomenon) - StriderTuna

Yukari is the strongest youkai without a doubt, first she was the protector of Gensokyo along with Reimu she watch the balance and the border of Gensokyo( I ask you, is there anyone beside Yukari can do it ?) and the second is she is the only phantasm boss in touhou with the most stamina and many spellcard hence in danmaku she is probably the strongest enemy the protagonist have fought, third if battle in gensokyo does not according to spellcard rules Yukari can kill her opponent in less than a sec, how ? it is simple, she just make a GAP in your NECK beetwen your body and your head and close it in a blink, VOILA you are BEHEADED, the power to conttrol boundaries is more scary than anything, however if Sakuya can manipulate time and space so if she is a youkai I think she is more dangerous than yukari because yukari will not have any sec to make a gap and she will be beheaded by sakuya before she know it...  -LuminaChen

Its difficult to say who is the strongest. If you were to think who is the most dangerous one the top list if something, and if you consider who is the strongest by sheer power you'd have a different one. It all depends on how the character manipulates their power. For example, Remilia can manipulate fate, that said then she can turn the fate of anyone to be an absolute death. Flandre on the other hand can destroy anything she wants. Then you also have Yukari with her boundaries... But If it was to have a fight with full power "released" all at once, then you could consider Sakuya as the strongest being in Gensokyo, although she isn't a Youkai. If she freezes time, she can kill anyone before the opponent can even blink... Basically, everyone in Gensokyo is too overwhelmingly powerful or dangerous to make a top 4, so it is easier of you make different top lists and clash the enemies on each other. In sheer power you can have Flandre with her ability to destroy anything, in dangerous you can also have Yukari with her boundaries (as LuminaChen stated before). Probably the way to discover who is the definite strongest Youkai in Gensokyo is asking ZUN himself... - Unknown

I agree with Mr Unknown, it depends from the condition, however I do have my choice, Iet's say Yukari is very strong and dangerous with her ability involving boundaries(as LuminaChen said) and Remilia too can manipulate fate which is I think a cheating ability, Flandre has the power to destroy everything, yeah those 3 are very strong, but.. Like Mr Unknown said it depends on the terms and situation, we never actually see Remi use her ability in manipulating fate in battle, instead she used Gungnir more often, same goes to Flan she more likely use Lavatein, however for Yukari beheading her opponent I don't know. Okay let's say the three will use their insane ability Remi with fate, Flan with "Eye", and Yukari with boundaries. It just a matter of.... TIME, so who's the fastest is the winner, and if we talk about TIME, I assume we all know who the ruler over time, yes that's Sakuya, then if that's it, Sakuya will be the stronger? I said no.. Flan will never die with a slice from Sakuya's knife same goes to Remi I think and Yukari too, and Sakuya will lost all her stamina to use her time stop and slicing knife over and over, remember she is a human, perhaps if she is a youkai like LuminaChen stated, perhaps she's the stongest.. Yes? But again I said no.. Let's look at Yuyuko Saigyouji, maybe many Touhou fans forgot her ability, what is it? YESSS, she can manipulate death!! and the worst thing is she herself is ALREADY DEAAAADDD!!! WAZZZAATTTT... How's that? While she is already dead she can manipulate others life and death,I don't think if Sakuya slit her throat it will have any effect on her. I remember I read in Yuyuko Wiki that her ability in manipulating death is not restricted with anything, and she can make any other living beings to dead in a blink(search in touhou official wiki, not touhou.wikia, the one that's begin with en.touhou) But again it's all depends from the terms and situation. Just like movies in cinema or film or anything, the representative of hero or the main character is always the strongest in the end whatever I or you said, so let's ask ZUN who is the strongest youkai, and perhaps he will answer it(I believe he won't) although I know that he would tell us that Reimu Hakurei is the strongest eventhough she's not a youkai, because Reimu has a special place in ZUN's heart. How do I know? That's a secret~   Let's drink some Kirin everybody ^__^

If you ask ZUN, the the guy above me is right, Reimu is the strongest, take a look at this link

Check at Fantasy Heaven Spell Card, read the comment, ZUN really loves Reimu. But this thread is about the 4 youkai, then I prefer Yuyuko, but I've read in some article tha Yuyuko doesn't seem to have a will using this power after her incident that involving her suicidal. The I choose Yukari because she is the one who can maintain Gensokyo stability and she seems the one who can control her power very well. -Bolu

"Yuuka is the self-proclaimed strongest yōkai, as is Yukari, so both can be seen as very powerful. Most of Yukari's power comes from exploiting her gap manipulation, however. Suika is an Oni, and is therefore very poweful, confirmed to be the strongest opponent Reimu/Marisa faced as of MoF in SSiB (a touhou manga by ZUN), or atleast to be stronger than Remilia.

Yuugi may be the forth, as she is also an Oni, which are naturally powerful. Another candidate is Utsuho "Okuu" Reiuji, a yatagarasu (sun god) and more powerful than most other gods in the series, mainly due to her infernokinesis and nuclear fusion manipulation, but also possibly due to the fact she doesn't need faith for power, unlike most other gods in gensokyo, e.g. Suwako, Kanako, etc.

Flandre is seen as the strongest in Gensokyo by fans, but, whilst stronger than Remilia, she doesn't seen to be in top-tier for strongest, albeit very strong compared to most characters.

Watatsuki No Yorihime was able to be undefeated in four 1v1 battles against some of Gensokyo's best. However, this may be due to her exploitation of gods, and three battles ending in a surrender. Toyohime, her sister, has a fan able to destory Gensokyo, but whether she herself is powerful enough to be a "strongest yōkai" is down to opinion, she has never been seen in action.

[edit: talking of being able to destroy Gensokyo, Yomemi from TH3 has an attack powerful enough to destory the world too... but this was never show of (obviously). I don't think she is a yōkai, however...]

Cirno is the self-proclaimed strongest, but she is the strongest fairy, which isn't much, as they are pretty weak anyway.

The strongest character is quite possibly, however, the Great Dragon God. Never seen in-game, manga or the anime, and only mentioned in a book, we can't tell too much about him, but he is the "highest order of god" and has many amazing feats. that would place him high in the power list. However, I don't think he can win the prize "strongest yōkai", as well... he's a dragon. However (although not canon) he was seen getting rid of Yorihime's eye with a simple entrance in KKHTA ep 19 part 2/9!!!!

so, either Yuugi, Utsuho, Yorihime or Toyohime, I guess... who knows, power arguments for Touhou must be very hard, as we don't have THAT much to work with." - Rumia, Captain of the Seirensen Vanguard

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