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Connect your Hisouten as shown on the actual wiki.

Que. 1 : I'm nt so sure of it but, maybe you should check TH12.3 file Que. 2: if you want to play ase Tenshi there is a way... Step 1: Open the file labeled "configex123.ini".

Step 2: Do you see the part where it says "th105path", and below it, "path=C:\Users\Stanley\Desktop\Touhou\Touhou Games\Scarlet Weather Rhapsody"?

       Replace the "C:\Users\Stanley\Desktop\Touhou\Touhou Games\Scarlet Weather Rhapsody" with wherever you have installed SWR. Save, then exit.

Step 3: Enjoy Hisoutensoku.

Que. 3 : Maybe because of you didn't defeat them in the game If not I dunno (cause I'm just 10!)


Alternatively... always use the latest patch!

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